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The Leadership of Faith Christian Center World Outreach...

Order of Leadership

1 Corinthians 14:40 (KJV) - "Let all things be done decently and in order."

The desire of FCCWO leadership is to set in order all aspects of this local assembly in the Body of Christ as God leads. Since God directs a Vision little by little, our knowledge of Gods order may be different in the future. Thus, we try to maintain an attitude that allows for change. Any change that can occur will be as a result of our growing in the knowledge of Him and what He requires of us.

Dr. Chastine and Apostle Ella Rock are the overseers and final authority in God's vision and leadership for FCCWO. We do not question their authority by grumbling, murmuring, or gossiping about them or their leadership decisions. We need to always keep a servant's heart in order to help them achieve the vision God has for FCCWO. Their faithfulness to seek God and Godly counsel before making decisions concerning FCCWO sets the example for us to follow. They desire, above all else, that God be exalted. 

Executive Staff:

Dr. Chastine & Dr. Ella Rock / Apostles and Founders 

Pastors Milton & Kim Rock / Senior Pastors

Pastors Tracy & Cordelia Smith / Outreach Pastors

Pastors John & Lakisha Boxley / Youth Pastors

Elder James Taylor / Trustee 

Pastors Tracy & Cordelia Smith / Trustees 

Elder Jeff Rollins / Trustee

Pastor Milton Rock / Trustee


Elders James & Donna Taylor

Elders Russell & Lisa Corbin

Elders Rick & Lisa Perry

Elders Lawrence & Saundra Farmer

Elders Jeff & Tonya Rollins

Elders William & Tina Bethards 

Elders Eric & Lanette Buckners

Elders Oscar & Pamela McDaniels

Elders Bobby & Patty Hinson

Support Staff:

Theresa Watson / Communications Director

Pastor Kisha Boxley / Church Administrator

Elder Lisa Corbin / Finance Director/Products

Pastor Tracy Smith / Media and Communication Director

Pastor John Boxley / Audio/Video Technician

Pastor Kisha Boxley / Minister of Praise & Worship

Zin White / Minister of Music 

Faith Christian Academy:

Pastor Cordelia Smith / Principal Pastor

Pastor Milton Rock / Teacher

Pastor John Boxley / Teacher

Elder Lisa Corbin / Teacher